Who are you and can I trust you ?

I am glad you asked, trust is everything in the realm of bitcoin. I am Eero Tulppala, also known as Isokivi in the bitcoin scene. I am a licensed taxpaying practicioner in Finland, my finnish buisness ID is 2508998-8 My bitcoin-otc rating can be found at http://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php?nick=Isokivi I also had feedback and used to sell my goods on bitmit.net with escrow enabled http://www.bitmit.net/en/user/Isokivi Screen captures of my bitmit feedback profile can be found at http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5543/10760170583_5814e35ae2_z.jpg and http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3728/10760170463_3f93a4f725_z.jpg

There is also some feedback from customers in my original thread on bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=120686.0 And in my current thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=153618.0

Anything else I can do to prove my honesty, just ask.

Where do you ship from:

Finland, northern europe.

Do you ship to XXX ?

If you have a mail adress, we ship there.

Do I need a Mt. Gox account to pay ?

No, they just can't make a payment plugin without turning it in to an advertisement. It accepts bitcoin directly too.

If you do not have a Mt. Gox account the lower bitcoin payment option (Bitpay) will be faster for you to use. 

Mtgox payment gateway offline for now. I cant permit customers to select the exchange rate with a 10% variance. It will be back if and when they start functioning properly and the 10+% arbitrage dies down.

Do you sell in bulk ?

Yes, do get in touch btctrinkets@gmail.com is the address.

Can you produce XXX ?

Again shoot an email at btctrinkets@gmail.com or message me on bitcointalk (Isokivi) and I'll se what can be done, I am always open to consider new ideas.

Will you be making silver/gold/platinum versions of your items ?

This work in progress, but it is going painstakingly slow. I personally need to be absoluteley 100% certain that the items I am selling are what I claim them to be. In light of this I do not see any other option than using a licenced local jewler, with the appropriate stamps. For the time being the quotations I have gotten have been somewhat outrageous and I have not hence proceeded with manufacturing.

Your registration is asking more than I'd like to share about my personal information, any way around it ?

Yes, all I need to know is your shipping adress and a name to put on the package, anything else you can outright make up. I would suggest using an email adress I can contact you trough tough. I would get rid of rest of the unnecessary questions if I were sure it would not break the registration module.

Why dont you accept bitcoin ?

The only form of payment accepted is bitcoin, only the prices are dollar denominated. So far no one has produced a Presta shop module that would allow me to display bitcoin prices so the usd pricing remains visible.

Im getting a no carrier available message when trying to order, you dont deliver to my address ?

If you have a mail adress we do ship there. However my software platform has a problem with zip-codes in regions that have multiple co-existing formats in use. For example London has three different types of zip-codes of which some work fine while others do not. Should you get this message when you have correctly entered a valid delivery address please contact me via the site, or by email btctrinkets@gmail.com  and I will manually process your order.