About us

I am known in the bitcoin scene as Isokivi, in "real life" I am Eero Tulppala a finnish citizen. My european buisness ID is 2508998-8 and my bitcoin otc rating can be found at http://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php?nick=Isokivi . I also sell my goods on bitmit.net with escrow available. My feedback and offerings on bitmit can be foudnd at http://www.bitmit.net/en/user/Isokivi. As bitmit was closing I took screen captures of my feedback profile there:


We now also have an presence on openbazaar, which includes some unique/single items I will not be listing here. You can check them out with https://duosear.ch/b5e59c04724b6e82419b454b78a62ea37bb247dd or simply by navigating to b5e59c04724b6e82419b454b78a62ea37bb247dd with your Openbazaar client.

Our team

To date consists of me alone, I might get someone to fill in for me on shipping if I am traveling or othervise unavailable, but would still in that case be responding to customer e-mails and handling all other aspects of this site and my buisness.